Why Join Livewire?

Livewire features

Livewire allows members to connect with others in a moderated chat room seven days a week. Livewire members can meet other young people with similar conditions from all over Australia.

Members can also:

  • Create a blog about themselves and topics they are interested in
  • Connect with other young people who have the same condition
  • Read up on the latest news, reviews and interviews

Other features include:

Chat hosts

Trained chat hosts are in the chat room at all times and constitute a unique feature of the livewire chat facility. Chat hosts are active participants, directly engaging in conversations and facilitating activities with the members. Their presence provides a more integrated and fun community, whilst ensuring livewire members are having a positive and enjoyable experiences inside the community.


“ People don’t understand how you can become friends with someone you have never met. But when you have shared so many highs and lows, the fact you have never met in person is irrelevant. In the moment when we are all laughing, chatting and joking together, nothing else matters. The fact that perhaps we are stuck in bed, and our hair is falling out, or machines are breathing for us is completely irrelevant. In that moment we are teenagers laughing. And that is all that matters”

 Jess, Livewire member.