What is livewire?

Livewire is an online community designed just for young people living with a serious illness, chronic health condition or disability, and their families. It is a safe online space where members can connect and share experiences with others who understand what they are going through.


Why Join Livewire?
Livewire creates a point of social connection, allowing members to find a balance in their lives despite disruptions such as time in hospital or time away from school. Learn more about the features of livewire.


Who is Livewire For?
Learn more about the eligibility criteria for livewire. 


Real Life Stories
Find out what our members say about Livewire and the impact it’s had on their lives.


Frequently Asked Questions
Get to know us a bit better. Find the answers you’re looking for.


Our Chat Hosts
Meet the dedicated group keeping Livewire safe and interesting.


Want more information? Please call +61 (02) 8425-5971 or email member.services@livewire.org.au