Real Life Stories

The value of Livewire is best expressed by the people that use it. Read some real life stories from our members.

Livewire Username: Charlotte

A true friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.  It is these friends that you find on Livewire; friends that can help you find yourself again. Learn more

Livewire Username: Nymphadora

I wanted to join Livewire so that I had the opportunity to speak to people my age, who had been through similar situations, understood me and that I could talk openly to without feeling embarrassed or ashamed. Learn more

Livewire Username: Elliekate

Whenever I'm feeling down, or having a hard day, I know that I can turn to the amazing friends I have met on Livewire. I encourage anyone with a chronic illness or disability to join Livewire; you won’t regret it. Learn more

Livewire Username: Abbey91

When I joined Livewire, I just hoped that I could feel connected to a supportive network of understanding people, who could relate to the position I was in. Also, I hoped that I would be able to contribute my own experiences and offer support to others. Learn more

Livewire Username: Flash77

What I like about Livewire is the friends I've made, and the blogs, and chat, and I also like uploading my own pics and music. I also love all the different quizzes, and I have been lucky enough to win some great prizes. Learn more

Livewire Username: TylerG

Livewire has given me a chance to feel “normal”. It is the only thing that has actually ever made me feel normal. I don’t think there is a better group to be a part of. Learn more

Livewire Username: Jess--

The fact that we are chronically, seriously ill or have a disability is irrelevant. In the moment that we are laughing and chatting, for a moment, we are just like every other teenager. Learn more

Livewire Username: Tigerz

Livewire is my favourite site, for so many reasons! I’ve made heaps of friends, who are so understanding and caring. All my friends from school don’t understand what it’s like to live with chronic disease... Learn more

Livewire Username: Shira1994

I was in the main ICU in hospital for a year exactly and was in hospital for a year and a half all together. I learned to stand up, walk, talk, sing and move again...seeing as I have Livewire and all the support it gives me, I just know I will survive. Learn more


Livewire Username: Heartkid144

I love being part of Livewire because the community is so tight knit! It has heaps of awesome blogs to read! I love it because I can finally talk to people who understand what I am going through without blank faces staring back at me! Learn more

Livewire Username: Hayleigh_

For me, what I like about the site is that I feel that everyone on Livewire is a second family to me and it allows me to get away from all those horrible feelings I sometimes have. Learn more