The Livewire Team

Meet some of the team of chat hosts keeping Livewire a safe and fun place for members.



I’m Becstar-LW, and I have been working with Livewire as a Chat Host since 2008 and as part of the Captain Starlight program since 2009.  Prior to this, I spent many years training and working as a professional singer and entertainer, whilst also finding the time to gain my Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Psychology and Music. 

My love of entertaining children combined with my interest in psychology lead me to Livewire.  I have been lucky enough to be a part of this amazing program as it has grown and developed from its early days; and I've seen first-hand the difference that it can make.  

Many members who were initially isolated from friends and family, either by distance or illness, now genuinely consider themselves to have real friends online.

Livewire is unique because it allows families and young people the chance to make genuine friendships and gain support from others who know and understand what they are going through, in a completely safe environment. 

Unlike other social networking sites, Livewire is completely moderated by trained professionals, whilst maintaining a fun and non-invasive environment.



My name is Jester-LW and I've been a Livewire chat host for over four years now (how time flies!). I've been married for over five years (to the lovely Mrs. Jester!) and now have a child of my own.  

I recently completed a Bachelor in Theology and am now working in preparation for a trip around Australia in November with my missus (retiring early...  If only!).  

I love Livewire because I've always loved working with youth (I was a youth leader for a long time in a couple of different youth groups) and enjoy seeing them mature and grow into young adults.



Hey guys, Tristan-LW here, just telling you a bit about myself so you know who I am when you see me in chat!

I am a bit of a movie geek, getting to the cinema at least once a week. If not at a cinema, you will usually see me going to catch some live music. Oh and I love listening to a bit of Death Cab for Cutie, amazing band!

Fave food is definitely pizza. I am on a worldwide search for the best pizza. Luckily the best I have found so far is just down the road from me!



I’m pretty hyperactive and adventurous. I love to be outdoors, I love animals and I love love love making new friends.

When I’m indoors I like to cook, watch movies, play The Sims, read fiction, draw or paint. If I was an animal I’d either be a tiger or a giraffe… Not sure what that says about me…

I have two dogs Cera and Eddie, who I completely love. I also go to uni and I’m pretty good at avoiding study… Not the best talent but let's just say I perform better under pressure. I’ve been a chat host on Livewire for a long while now, and I really love getting to know the members.

The members of Livewire all have such different backgrounds and lives, but everyone gets along and supports each other really amazingly.

I am a qualified occupational therapist, and I have to credit the choice of working in allied health to my time spent at the Starlight Children’s Foundation and Livewire!


Are you interested in becoming a chat host? E-mail to find out how you can volunteer.